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The Group

Santosh Rungta Group of institutions, Bhilai is an Epitome of Success, A temple of knowledge that inculcates excellence in its students, through a meticulously designed process, wherein its ensured that all students graduate with futuristic skills, stay ahead of times and are way ahead in terms of their technical and professional competency.

Learning always requires a conducive environment that suits the students and more so, motivates the students to excel. Overall Environment of any campus is a very crucial factor in success of its students. Santosh Rungta Group, R1 group as is popularly called, epitomizes the culture, the ambiance and overall environment that motivates the students towards excellence.

Progressive thinking, breaking with convention, challenging the status quo and improving the world around us are in our DNA, and it aptly gets imbibed amongst our students too!.

Santosh Rungta Group of Institutions
Santosh Rungta Group of Institutions

Santosh Rungta Group of institutions began its Journey of Educating the youth in professional domain way back in 1999 under the Agis of GDR Educational Society, 20 years of age for an Educational Group is considered as young but in this span Santosh Rungta Group has numerous firsts and pathbreaking achievements to its credit, which aptly justifies the All India Rankings and position its institutes hold.

Rungta Group of Institutions are Ranked amongst the top institutes of India in “Most Preferred Destinations” for Professional Education, both at Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Levels. Commanding this position, adequately gets justified through impeccable Credentials Group institutes have earned in all aspects of Professional Education.