Academic Infrastructure


  • 2 State of the Art Campuses
  • 15 Lakhs + Built up Space totally Ready and being Put to Use
  • 150+ Acres Sprawling Lush Green Campus


  • 124 E - Classrooms (Conventional Classrooms having functionality of a E Classroom with LCD, Tablet PCs and IP Cameras)
  • 65 Tutorial Rooms (For Doubt Solving cum Discussions for Students)



Auditorium / Open Air Theatre

Acts as a Common Ground for Students, Faculty and Corporate Personalities for Regular Interfaces, Conferences and other Events. These auditoriums serve to bring students face to face with global thought leaders, academic gurus and corporate heads to share their experiences.

  • 4 Auditorium with a Combined seating Capacity of 2000 Students
  • 1 Open Air Theatres with a Seating Capacity of 5000+ Students
  • 2 Open Air Stages with a Seating Capacity of 6000 Students

Central Library

  • The libraries at Rungta College are more like Integrated Knowledge Resource Centres that are stocked with over 1 lac books in total; periodicals, references, national and international journals, covering all aspects of academic studies and research materials.
  • Spread Over 25000 Sq. Ft. Collectively
  • ACCESS TO WORLD'S BEST ONLINE JOURNALS - Rungta College Library has over 500+ online journals. Some of the online resources Rungta students have access to are IEEE- ASPP, Wiley Blackwell, Springer, Elsevier, ASTM DL, Mc Graw Hill, J-Gate, and Delnet.
  • List of All Print and Online Journals can be Given


  • The Breeding Ground for Path-Breaking Ideas.
  • Rungta College has over 150 state-of-the-art labs where students experiment and bring to practice what they have learnt in theory.
  • Over 5 Crore Of Investments done till date in Labs
  • Some State of the Art Equipment's List -: (To be provided)

IT Network


One of the Best in India - Technology has transformed education at Rungta College All locations are connected to over MPLS VPN Network, enabling us to transmit Live Class Rooms to all locations through eLearning Solution and IP Cameras. High throughput Wi-Fi Access Points with Omni and Sectoral Antenna helps students to browse Internet for education from any part of the Campus. 1 Gbps internet bandwidth from multiple ISP's give high speed bandwidth to students.

  • The next generation IT infrastructure at Rungta College is delivered through:
  • Campus covered with high throughput indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points
  • Smart cameras surveillance with IP cameras through the campus
  • Lecture recording and live transmission of class lectures and events over intranet and internet
  • 1 Gbps Internet Bandwidth from multiple ISP's to maintain redundancy and hassle free internet connectivity
  • Consolidation of 60 Servers on virtual platform using VMware and HP Blades servers
  • 28 TB of useable EMC NAS/SAN storage with fibre channel connectivity
  • One network across the country. All Rungta locations are connected through redundant MPLS VPN network using 100 Mbps throughput at hub location to access intranet/internet resources' under uniform network policy
  • Overseas campuses of Rungta also connected to hub location via secured VPN network
  • Enterprise class Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series high performance modular switches with Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) for load balancing and high availability
  • Enterprise level Next Generation firewall appliances in redundant mode with fully integrated intrusion prevention(IPS), application control, antivirus, web filter, email filter and traffic shaper
  • MAC address and user login based dual authentication for all Wi-Fi users with tracking and monitoring
  • Bio-Metric machines used over the intranet for employee attendance connected to server at hub location
  • Digital Signage System introduced to distribute and inform latest information instantly