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Innovation and Incubation

RUBI – the latest jewel in Rungta crown:

  • In today’s world, entrepreneurship and start-ups are a key driver to the country’s growth and economy. Home grown start-ups like Ola, Flipkart, Byju’s, Big Basket have grown in just a few years to valuations in excess of USD 1 Billion (Unicorns). India now, has a mature investment community of VC’s, Angels and seed funders. Besides the Central government and states have significant funds allocated to support early stage start-ups and innovative and creative businesses. Yet, despite these rapid developments elsewhere, Chhattisgarh has been largely untouched by this blooming start-up revolution. Our college has always nurtured entrepreneurship, thro interventions like TEDEX speeches, entrepreneurship forum, EDP trainings, technical events and supporting student led creative initiatives like Print Pay and Toodle.
    RUBI (Rungta Business Incubator), is a logical extension of these efforts and a testimony of our commitment to creating a start-up ecosystem within our campus and in the state of Chhattisgarh. It will be a state-of-the-art platform, complete with all support systems, that will help grow innovations and creative ideas into successful enterprises. It is the latest Jewel in Rungta crown.
  • RUBI (Rungta Business Incubator) in Rungta R1 College

      A platform to help ideas evolve into world class enterprises

      With RUBI, we have created a physical platform and support system for feasible project ideas, creativity and innovative thinking. It is among the earliest business incubators in the state of Chhattisgarh. RUBI is a state-of-the-art, work & development environment, housed in our both Campuses. It will provide aspiring and budding entrepreneurs modern office spaces, with robust technology infrastructure, development tools, test facilities, prototyping equipment and other product development equipment under one roof. The incubator will also provide support in guiding and mentoring projects, give access to early stage seed and angel investments, market outreach and linkages and access to latter series venture investments and other government and institutional funding. Another key support component available to entrepreneurs in RUBI is in statutory compliances, registrations, legal documentation & IPR, so the entrepreneur can focus on his core idea while domain experts would manage these important and essential, but non-core matters.
    • RuBi - First and Fully Functional Private Incubator of Chhattisgarh.
    • Registered with MSME, MOE and Startup India.
    • RCET & RCPSR has been Placed in Top 50-75 Colleges in India in terms of Innovation and Incubation in ARIIA Rankings conducted by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India in 2020.
    • Four-Star Rating to IIC (Institute Innovation Council) by MOE’s Innovation Cell. Govt. of India.
    • op 3 in Smart India Hackathon (India’s Largest Hackathon) Conducted by AICTE
    • Tie up with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) through Wadhwani Foundation for Entrepreneurship Training offering six semesters of blended entrepreneurship courses.
    • Tie ups with Leading Accelerators & Incubators - Like 36 INC, Headstart etc.
    • Projects Currently being Mentored in RuBi -:

    • Print-pay : PrintPay is a Easy document printing kiosk which allows users to self print their document using the kiosk.
    • Toodle : This is a learning platform that will provide you free access to subject notes from multiple outlets, video-lectures from various authentic sources.
    • OnlinePCMB : This App is Free Preparation tool for Engineering, Pharmacy & Medical Exams.
    • Acad pod : It’s an online learning platform Which teaches unconventional skills to college students And employees college students as their mentor. Also gives an opportunity to earn money by posting their work on the platform and doing Freelancing.
    • Goal of Life : It helps you to meet your best version by Keeping a track of your entire goals and ambitions. An option to have an accountability partner who gives you guidance and support
    • TrashCash : It provides a platform for getting rid of waste and receiving money in return. A recycling hub for people by the people.
    • MyNearDeals : A platform to show all the deals in your city. All discounts and deals in every field.
    • Birthday App : One app all solutions for maintaining birthdays, anniversaries and occasions , setting reminders and sending personalised messages and gifts which are set in advance.
    • DigiLyf : An aggregator platform for all the day to day services and needs of a society like Barbour, Plumber etc from a single point of contact.
    • Arteria : A handcrafted online store for all Revolutionising Gifts and their customisation on various occasions.

    Our Team

    CEO Mr. G Venugopal
    Chief Mentor  Dr. Sourabh Rungta
    Mentor  Mr. Sonal Rungta
    Mentor  Dr. Jawahar Surisetti
    Mentor  Mr. Mahendra Shrivastava
    Mentor  Mr. Edwin Anthony Amalanathan K
    Faculty Member Dr. Manoj Verghese
    Coordinator   Prof. Shrikant Burje, Dr. Manisha Agrawal, Dr. Ajazuddin, Prof. Mr. Ajay Kushwaha, Prof. Shaziya Islam Nizami
    Student Member  Mr. Saiyed Mohammed Ahsan Abdal, Mr. Rutik Kashyap, Mr. J Joel Samraj, Mr. Nitesh Patel, Ms. Aishwarya Jaiswal, Ms. Anjali Shukla, Mr. Piyush Kumar Chandrakar, Mr. Shubham Jain, Mr. Vipul Badwaik


    Support facilities

    Center of 3D printing facility Centre for 3D printing enables and supports the innovators who are in need of 3D modeling of their products especially in the prototyping stages. This centre makes it easier for innovators to go from idea to prototype to production with ease.
    Center of PCB Designing and Prototyping The Center of PCB designing and prototyping supports the entrepreneurs / innovators in generating a prototype board prior to full-scale manufacturing of boards for end products. Prototyping of PCB can accelerate the processes of PCB circuit concept-to-production with ease.
    Central Research Cell The Central Research Cell encourages members of the staff to publish their work in leading journals and to present papers at national and international conferences. The cell also attempts to cultivate an interest among students towards research. The cell also supports the researchers/innovators in patenting their ideas.
    Center for Innovative and Enhanced Learning The Centre for Innovative and Enhanced Learning is committed to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching by providing online courses, video lectures and advance training programs. This centre works with technologies, groups and individuals to enable the best possible contextualized learning experiences for staff and students.
    Center of Problem based learning The Center for Innovative and Enhanced Learning is committed to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching by providing online courses, video lectures and advance training programs. This centre works with technologies, groups and individuals to enable the best possible contextualized learning experiences for staff and students.
    Center for Innovation in Green Technology The center for innovation in green technology is established with an objective to ignite the young minds towards green technology. The center regularly organizes workshops, training programmes and seminars in the area of green technology.


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