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RSDC Clubs

RSDC - Rungta Student's Development Centers

    RSDC's acts as a gamechanger to help students pursue their hobbies and intrests and bring people together. As a club member one knows about onself,one's intrests and one's goals and can also add skills to their repertoire.

  • Carpedium (English RSDC) : Develops Interpersonal, Industrial,Personality and English skills.
  • Beacon (College Magazine RSDC) :"Campus Vaani" Capturing all the Aspects & Nuances of Campus Happenings.
  • R1 Infinty Coders (Programming RSDC) : Nurturing young minds with state of Art Programming skills and a professional Coding Environment.
  • R1 Xcella (Automotive RSDC) : Acclerating pursuit of automobile students to new heights.
  • Radiance Women (Women's RSDC) : Women Empowerment activities and celebrations.
  • RCIEL (MOOC Courses RSDC) : Planning and Facilitating of Online Learning- The need of The Hour .
  • R1 EEE RSDC (Electrical and Electronics) : Promotes activities and Events Related to the Circuit Branches.
  • RISE (Social Responsibility RSDC) : Actively conducts welfare programms through various CSR and NSS activties.
  • Radiction (Language RSDC) : Diversity Is Inspiring! Language cell celebrates and promote cultural Diversity.
  • RAG (Fine Arts & Photo) : Conducts and promotes Events like painting, rangoli,Flower Decoration etc.
  • RAISE (International Students RSDC) : "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" philosophy of oneness for international students.
  • Rangmanch (Music & Dance RSDC) : Nurtures music and dance talents of the students.
  • Run Vijay (Sports RSDC) : Hosts and conducts College and University Events Like Youth Festival and Sports event.
  • RUBEC (Entrepreneurship/StartUp RSDC) : Entrepreneurship Development & In house Incubation for Innovative Minds.
  • R Connect (Alumni RSDC) : Alumni association conducting meets Across the globe, realising the potential of net worth by Rungta Network.
  • Ra ONE (Robotics RSDC) : Promotes Robotics Events on campus and outside campus ,i.e. India and Abroad.
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